Rolex watches where you can change the original table mirror?

Beijing New World rolex replica watches repair center celebrities official designated maintenance center, Beijing Chongwenmen New World Center Office Block B, Room 601 designated service center, is a professional maintenance world uk replica watches repair center. Maintenance Tel: 010-60172888 In the Swiss brand of rolex uk, the bottom of the dial or back cover with SWISS MADE words, indicating that the watch is produced in Switzerland Watch. If the lower part of the dial or the back cover marked SWISS MOVT words, indicating that the watch is part of the Swiss machine parts. Generally common Is the assembly of quartz watch, the watch is not assembled in Switzerland production, but the movement of the watch is the heart of Switzerland. Japanese watch also same. The above does not include counterfeit watches. 16, how to identify the authenticity of imported watches Appearance and movement of the identification From the appearance point of view, genuine watch the dial, the back cover of the trademark and brand handwriting clear and complete; dial on the number of marked and The actual number of drill within the movement of the same; the back cover of the material and the case used in accordance with the material; watch glass clean and clear; case components Outside the edge without sharp sense; no bubbles in the coating, do not fall off. Counterfeit genuine watch the dial, the back cover of the trademark and brand writing Fuzzy; dial marked with the number of drill the actual number of drill does not match; case components outside the rough edges and corners, a coating foam, shedding or with Pieces of broken and so on. From the movement point of view, genuine watch movement inside the plywood or put thallium marked with the corresponding trademark signs words; movement in the case of solid components; movement clean. Counterfeit watch movement of the plywood or put thallium no signs on the signs, or trademark signs thick Rough, fuzzy, skewed, or simply paste with a small copper; movement is not clean, some movement with copper, hair, fingers Pattern and so on. Sales price identification The price of imported watches in a certain period of time, with stability. Such as the Japanese brand watches, the price is 2500-3000 yuan; Swiss brand watches, the price is more than 10,000 yuan, and some brand-name watches up to tens of thousands of dollars, or even several hundred thousand dollars, like labor Guinness, Tudor, Omega, Earl and so on. In general, the import of watches below the above price, if no special reasons, may be Suspected of fake imported watches or illogical watches.

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