Rolex watches maintenance official authorized sale

replica watches repair service center, the official authorized aftermarket, check the swiss replica watches sensitivity of the watch, the clock has not been on the winding has been moving around the watch gently shake, with the power to shake to observe the second hand moving situation: If the second hand in a very short time (That is, winding no torque), high sensitivity if the fake watches second hand for a long time to continue to move, then the watch can not be finished on the foot of the foot can not be finished after all the foot (That is, the winding also stored torque), the sensitivity is not high or the watch is faulty. Mechanical watch movement in the humid air or corrosive gas erosion will be the phenomenon of corrosion, if long-term sweat erosion or listen to acid and alkali salt accumulation and not rub, the watch will slowly appear rust, especially The back cover is prone to appear. Especially in the rainy summer most likely to cause rust and damage parts. Maintenance focus: Silicone dryer. According to the size and needs of the repair unit, should be equipped with one or several dryers to save the mechanical watch movement, to avoid the body parts after damp moisture. Fast to rust liquid. 775 ml of the above solution, the mechanical watch parts into which they can quickly rust. The specific time to soak the time depending on the degree of rust, if the watch attached to the ear carefully to listen to a good watch to go when the sound should be rapid and uniform, and some watches can hear the second tip due to jitter issued "just" sound The In the early years, there are experienced repair master always put the watch on the ear, shaking his head swinging the changing position, to watch the watch to move the sound changes, to speculate the watch's good and bad. Isolated watches and corrosive substances in contact with the separation of watches and corrosive substances, especially acidic substances, long-term contact with the watch, will corrode the watch case, so that the watch looks very old, lost glossy. Because we are wearing a watch, the hands of the sweat PH value of most of the acidic, the case is corrosive, all the steel case because of the nickel-chromium alloy, corrosion resistance better, semi-steel case is copper, long-term And sweat contact, easy to corrosion, should often be wiped with a soft cloth or pad on the plastic watch care, to prevent it from being sweat erosion. Clasp of the regular classification of the clasp is the continuation of the watch, the conventional form is divided into three: traditional pinhole two fold three fold. The traditional pinhole clasp can make the strap more vindictive wrist, but day after day to wear a watch picking watch, will cause great harm to the strap. Especially the pinhole through the place, may lead to the cracks in the belt, a long time, the strap will crack. Beijing New World watches repair center celebrities official designated maintenance center, Beijing Chongwenmen New World Center Office Block B, Room 601 designated service center, is a professional maintenance world watches repair center.

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